Washroom Equipment

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Washroom Equipment

Blueline Hygienics supply the latest European designed sensor washroom equipment.

Information here for the Sensor self cleaning toilet seat.

 Auto Air Dispenser

Get rid of nasty odours. At set intervals the air dispenser sprays a pleasant scent into the air.
Sensor Opening Bins

A wave of the hand over the bin opens and then closes the lid  avoiding touching the washroom bin. Available in different sizes
   Sensor Hand Dryer

A wave of the hand will activate the hand dryer to produce a powerful jet of hot air for 25 seconds. You don’t even have to press the button on this hygienic hand dryer.

Sensor Towel Dispenser

With a wave of the hand a sheet of clean paper is dispensed.
 Sensor Hand Soap Dispenser.

A wave of the hand automatically dispenses the soap.
Avoid touching the bacteria laden soap dispenser.

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